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Solar power


Designing and installing solar solutions for a changing world.

Clean energy source that saves you money.


The overall demand for electricity is rapidly increasing with the popularity of electric vehicles, heat pumps, computers etc.  Installing a solar system on your roof gives you a clean source of electricity for years to come, with very little to no maintenance.  Once we have done an assessment of your rooftop and surrounding elements, we propose a few options which include all permitting and any necessary engineering

Suddaby Construction Services has been involved in designing and installing Solar energy systems since 2007.  We were among the very first grid tied systems in BC to connect to the BC Hydro power grid back in 2009.

We believe that every roof should have solar power installed.  Our main thrust is on residential installations which feed the BC Hydro grid and lessen our clients’ monthly energy costs. See the BC Hydro site for more information on net metering by following this link. 

We are dealers for Charge Solar,  which is the largest distributor of Solar related products in Canada.  Our pricing is as competitive as it gets. 

Experience in home building lends itself to the prospect of installing Solar panels on your roof.  We can assess any portion of your roof or structure prior to installing PV.  As a registered professional in both home building and Solar PV, there is no missing link between the structure and the solar.  We cover all the bases. 

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